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Produit - ZYX YATRA cellule MC

Magazine - DAGOGO


In Sanskrit, the word Yatra refers to a journey or pilgrimage to a holy place. This name is certainly fitting this cartridge. My time with the ZYX Yatra has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that indeed, the apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to sheer musical satisfaction. The Yatra indeed is unmistakably a Nakatsuka design, and it certainly delivers the goods. The big surprise to me is how much the Yatra delivers for its price. In fact, it makes for a very compelling case to those collectors out there, including me, who chase NOS (New-Old-Stock) vintage cartridges and overpay for the performance they are going to get from those older designs. This certainly is something to consider the next time you browse the classifieds or eBay listings!

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the performance levels of the ZYX Yatra I describe here were obtained only after careful consideration to tonearm matching, proper set-up, and proper break-in. Attention to detail will definitely reward you with great sound. I, for one, am so impressed with this little red wonder that I am considering keeping it around permanently. Congratulations to Hisayoshi Nakatsuka and ZYX for continuing to advance the art of cartridge design and allowing so much goodness to trickle down to those cartridges that are priced for us mere mortals.