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Produit - OYAIDE DB / DR-510 câble numérique

Magazine - AUDIOGON


In the final analysis
With materials like 24k gold plated connectors, jewelry grade 5 9’s Silver conductors, hand polishing, and several different layers of foil and dialectic to address interferences, the DB 510 75 ohm BNC cable stacks up as at least a formidable product. It comes in two ready made & terminated lengths, 1.3M & 0.7M and is available in RCA/SPDIF or BNC terminations. The RCA version is the DR 510, the BNC type is the DB 510. There is also an AES/EBU sort as well I think. See the posted link for those details.

The DB 510 has a quite balanced bandwidth. Fine resolution in the lower end and as well a hand at illuminating the upper regions. It is because of this more resolving influence, one can easily observe hidden in plain sight features to the music. It’s backdrop is black and deeply so. The mids seemed to be where gains in realism were had most of all. However, leading edges or transients were not ever softened, blunted or diminished. Nothing about the wire made the music appear to slow or dull. It does not add hightened or artificial luster or shine to the music, nor does it subtract from the images own density. It merely allows. It flows.

Blasting brass still blasts but is not piercingly injurious. True, deeper and better articulated bass was where it helped my system a lot. There it provided me the opportunity to perceive more info and another level of tunefulness as it enabled me to realize more resonances from the cabinet of the instruments themselves. Previously I’ve found it difficult to delineate and segregate the various tones below 100hz or so. That was a very nice addition.

Triangles and symbols gained a new ring and sheen making them appear far more organic. Whatever minutia and inner detail you are currently enjoying in your files, or CDs you very well may hear and enjoy them more using the Oyaide DB 510, if your system is capable of revealing such things.

It has speed. Thrust. Impact and does not subtract from the music. Nor is it one of those wires you need to get used to all over again. It’s own silver content is readily noticeable but the often discounts of silver being bright or spot lit just DO NOT apply to this wire even a little. If there is indeed some additive or quantitative aspect to the DB 510, I’d say it enables more than it reveals. It’s enabling Prowers gain for it an extremely high quotient of transparency. It also maintains the Oyaide corporations reputation for engineering and producing very high quality equipment whose performance is vastly over the means needed to acquire it. If you were hearing a certain thing before, adding the DB 510 won’t hide it away with greater bloom, it’ll simply allow that ‘thing’ to become more of itself. I’d not prescribe this cable as a patch, or balm, for an errant system. I say with some confidence that the DB 510 will redeem more musical content for you and do it in a mannerly fashion. Honestly and with dynamic appeal and aplomb.